SMI-Manager™ more than a quality management tool !!!!


Risk Management and Internal Control System!!!

SMI-Manager™ more than a quality management tool !!!!

The application of the MCH2 recommendations, requires the implementation of an Internal Control System (ICS). With more than 14 years of experience in IT development for public administrations, DEEProd SA has a turnkey ICS solution, entirely digital. Our secure SMI-Manager software meets your needs. It integrates easily into any IT environment, and complies with Swiss data protection guidelines.

The SMI-Manager™ is based on ISO-9001 and integrates process management as well as risk management according to the AMDEC standard and in accordance with the COSO framework.

The SMI-Manager manages all types of risks according to the following process

Identify > Prioritize > Treat > Monitor.

And can be easily applied to the following work environments

  • IT (cyber attacks, data management, etc.)
  • Financial (fraud, theft, embezzlement...)
  • Security (buildings, locations, establishments, premises ....)
  • Industrial (predictive maintenance, production, ATEX, ...)

Do not hesitate to ask us for a presentation of our solution, we will be pleased to meet you either in person or by video conference.

We look forward to hearing from you or meeting you.

Translated with (free version)

Risk Management
Maintaining good corporate reputation and reducing costs
more information...
Your processes orchestrated according to your managerial vision
more information...
Document Management
Accessibility of your current documents through processes
more information...
Audit management
Reducing risks, errors or damages and detect problems before they get out of hand
more information...
Non-compliance notices
Information collection relatives to a non-compliance, a customer complaint or a malfunction
more information...
Enable managers to systematically follow up on cases, based on factual data.
more information...


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